Oculus Rift vs Sony PlayStation VR

Oculus Rift vs Sony PlayStation VR (PSVR) - Men wearing VR headsets.

Oculus Rift vs Sony PlayStation VR: Which is Better?

Oculus is perhaps the biggest name in the virtual reality market right now. Their Rift headset launched the current generation of headsets, while the Gear VR and Oculus Go have brought a refreshing change to mobile VR.

However, as the industry has matured, other headsets have gained popularity. Sony’s PlayStation VR is one such device. As the only console headset currently available, it’s sold a high volume of units.

The PSVR game catalogue rivals that of the Oculus Store and has perhaps a larger proportion of quality games too. So, which is better, the PSVR or Oculus Rift? In this post, we put the two devices head-to-head to see which comes out on top. We’ll look at features such as cost, design, content, and hardware to determine which one is right for you.

Oculus RiftSony PlayStation VR
Oculus RiftSony PlayStation VR
RRP Price (USD)399199
RRP Price (GBP)399199
Display Resolution2160 × 1200‎1920 x 1080
Resolution Per Eye1080×12001080 x 1200 pixels
Positional TrackingYesYes
Head TrackingYesYes
Display TypeOLEDOLED
Field of View110°100°
Headset Weight470 g610 g
Headset TypePCConsole
Refresh Rate90 Hz90 – 120 Hz
Integrated AudioYesNo
SensorsAccelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, Constellation tracking camera.Accelerometer, gyroscope.
Controller(s) IncludedYesNo
Controller Type6 DoF Wireless Controllers6 DoF Wireless Controllers

Oculus Rift vs Sony PlayStation VR: Cost

Both of these devices started out on the pricey side, and both have seen significant price drops over the last couple of years. You can now purchase the PlayStation VR starter pack for around £200/$200. This pack includes the headset, all of the cables, the PlayStation Eye camera, and a demo disk. However, it doesn’t include the PlayStation Move controllers, which are essential to the experience. Similarly, the Oculus Rift can now be picked up for roughly £399/$399. The box contains the Oculus Touch controllers and two sensors, but an extra sensor is required to get the full effect.

Clearly, the PSVR is a lot more affordable than the Rift. This is even more apparent when you consider the hardware that accompanies each. For example, a PS4 Pro costs around £400/$400, while a high-end PC is likely to cost £750/$800 at a minimum.

Compare the best prices for each of these headsets:

Oculus Rift vs Sony PlayStation VR:  Features

The Oculus Rift impressed consumers when it launched back in 2016. Even in its infancy, the VR experience was like nothing we’d ever seen before. The headset was capable of reaching a whole new level of immersion, offering excellent head and motion tracking.

It’s only gotten better too; the Oculus Touch controllers are now bundled with it, and they’re perhaps our favourite VR controller. The offering of games and apps has improved as well, and the inclusion of room-scale tracking makes a big difference. Overall, the quality of the features on the Rift is rivalled only by the HTC Vive. That being said, the PSVR does come close.

Sony’s VR headset offers a very good virtual reality experience, pushing the boundaries of what the PS4 system and its retrofitted accessories can do. The PlayStation Move controllers aren’t always the best at tracking movements, and the same is true of the camera. These issues can at times detract from what is otherwise a very positive experience.

Oculus Rift vs Sony PlayStation VR: Design

Side View of the Oculus Rift VR Headset
Side View of the Sony PlayStation VR (PS VR)

With the way the technology currently works, it’s quite difficult for VR headsets to shift from the accepted design. However, we absolutely love the design of both of these headsets. The Oculus Rift very much has the end-user in mind. It’s comfortable, adjustable, sleek, and lightweight. We rarely found it a burden to wear (other than the trailing wires), and it never seemed to be overly warm and sweaty while wearing it.

The Oculus Rift very much has the end-user in mind. It’s comfortable, adjustable, sleek, and lightweight.

The PSVR is one of our favourite VR headset designs. It looks like a piece of retro-futurism, with its white and black casing and curved lines. It’s also very comfortable to wear; the materials are lightweight yet sturdy. Our only issue is (again) with the Move controllers which are nowhere near as nice or ergonomic as the Oculus Touch ones.

Oculus Rift vs Sony PlayStation VR: Content

The content libraries for both of these headsets are broad and varied. The Oculus Store has gone from strength to strength since it launched, and the Rift now also has access to the SteamVR platform. There are many high-quality games and apps that look absolutely stunning. The price range varies; there are plenty of free apps, ranging all the way up to premium titles with price tags to match.

The content libraries for both of these headsets are broad and varied.

The PlayStation Store also offers many excellent games, and there is an increasing overlap between the two headsets. Sony certainly knows gamers, which means that the vast majority of titles on offer are of a good standard. Players will be satisfied with either device in this respect, and it’s difficult to separate the two.

Oculus Rift vs Sony PlayStation VR: Which is Better?

Once again, it’s a hard one to call. Both the Oculus Rift and the PSVR are high-quality VR headsets. We love them both and would be hard pressed to choose one above the other.

However, in terms of overall visual quality, tracking, and performance, the Rift snatches it. The extra processing power gives it the graphical edge, and the room-scale tracking is incredibly immersive. However, the PlayStation will be more than satisfactory for console owners. Despite some slight hardware issues, it’s a must-have gaming peripheral.

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