Meta 2 Augmented Reality Headset – What You Need to Know

Meta 2 Headset - Man smiling wearing the headset.

Augmented reality is gaining popularity. However, the technology is still relatively new. As such, we haven’t seen much in the way of consumer tech when it comes to AR headsets. The Magic Leap One creator version was recently launched, giving some much-needed momentum to the market.

AR promises a lot, and could potentially change the way we think about computing. It brings the possibility of a digital workspace overlaid on to your surroundings, with all the information you need to carry out your tasks at your fingertips. Microsoft’s HoloLens has also shown promise, and we’re excited to see more progress in the AR space.

One other headset, the Meta 2, is also receiving attention thanks to a fairly recent partnership with Dell. We have the lowdown on everything you need to know about the device.

What is the Meta 2 AR Headset?

The Meta 2 was announced back in 2016, and the company began shipping the development headset later that year. The device looks like a pair of goggles with a computer strapped to the headband, and this is essentially what it is.

Meta 2 AR Headset - Side View
A side view of the Meta 2 headset.

The headset projects holographic computer-generated images onto the real world using the lenses. These digital elements can then be manipulated by the user. This feature makes the headset more of a mixed reality device, rather than an augmented reality one.

What are the Meta 2 Headset Specs?

Meta 2 Inside View of Augmented AR Wearer's Screens
A wearer’s view from inside the Meta 2, AR headset.

The headset boats some pretty impressive tech. Most impressive is the 90-degree field of view and 2.5K resolution, which has a 60Hz refresh rate. A front-facing camera and positional tracking sensors allow the Meta 2 to track the user’s hand movements.

Most impressive is the 90-degree field of view and 2.5K resolution, which has a 60Hz refresh rate

One slightly disappointing feature is that the device has to be constantly tethered to a computer, which will likely mean that cable management will become an issue. However, with a weight of just 1.1 lb / 500g and the addition of adjustable head straps and extra padding for comfort, we’re sure that it will be more than comfortable to wear.

Can I Buy the Meta 2?

The development kit is currently available to purchase directly from Meta’s website with a price at around $1500. The aim of this version of the device is to give developers and tech startups the chance to start making innovative AR content and experiences.

Those who purchase the device will receive the software development kit, as well as Meta Workspace, Meta’s concept AR working environment. While this is far out of the price range of the average consumer, the technology presents an intriguing prospect.

Final Thoughts

There’s no news yet on a consumer version of this headset, although Meta has started to release apps for the device. We’re hoping that more developers are getting on board with the VR revolution to bring us some truly awesome experiences. AR and MR need to start getting some mainstream success for the general consumer to start taking an interest. Hopefully, it’s only a matter of time.

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